Photoshop Express: A Must-have App for Any PR Professional

A quality photo editing application is a necessity to public relations professionals and virtually anyone who posts photos on the internet and/or social media accounts. It is important to make sure that the pictures you share in your blog posts, Instagram posts, Pins on Pinterest, etc. are aesthetically pleasing to your audience. After all, a photo that pleases the eye or stimulates the mind can make or break the topic you are discussing. There are tons of different photo editing applications that can be used on iPhone and iPod touch, but my personal favorite by far is Photoshop Express.


Basic Features of Photoshop Express


Photoshop Express allows you to harness the power of Adobe Photoshop in the palm of your hand. This app can be used for quick photo editing with preset filters and intricate editing alike. Features include, filters, the ability to crop, flip, rotate, and even change the size to fit your device, Instagram, Facebook cover photo, Twitter header, Linkedin, and Etsy covers. Photoshop Express offers filters for quick and easy editing and the option to adjust the clarity, sharpness, noise, exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, tint, and vibrancy of your photo. There is a red-eye removal tool for both people and pets, as well as, frames and a blemish removal tool. You can create collages in the application. Within these collages, you can pick a specific photo in the collage and edit it to your liking. This app supports JPG, PNG, and RAW files. The app also allows you to link an Adobe Creative Cloud. The app is completely free and one of many Adobe applications available for iPhone and iPod touch devices.


Installation and Usability


I had a very easy and pain-free installation with this application. Since the app is free all I had to do was select “get” and approve the download with my touch ID. The application offers a quick tutorial and I was easily able to link my creative cloud account. The process of uploading photos is very user-friendly as it shows you photos from your camera roll immediately so that you can easily choose which photo you would like to edit. You can also import photos from your CC Library, Facebook, Dropbox, Picasa/Google Photos, and use your camera to capture live images and edit them seamlessly. Photos can be edited in the vertical or horizontal position. I edited the photo below in under 5 minutes and the process was very easy to follow. The save option is visible and easy to navigate.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

FullSizeRender 4.jpg


Conclusion: Full of features, accessibility, and free of charge


As I compare this app to other photo editing apps I have used on my Apple products I am thoroughly pleased with what I am offered free of charge. I have more features on the Photoshop Express app and more freedom to be more detailed with my editing than I have experienced on some apps I have paid for. I think it is incredibly useful that you can bring your Photoshop with you anywhere and allows for uploads from various other platforms. Overall, I think this application is a hidden gem every PR professional can benefit from.


Wish App


If I could create an app that would make creating and distributing content easier from a mobile device I would combine the features of Photoshop Express and Evernote. This would allow me to create and format blog posts, edit photos, record interviews, save important references and articles, etc. all in one place. I could also access all of these features seamlessly between my laptop and my mobile devices which is convenient for the on-the-go lifestyle that many of us live.


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