How To Write Influential Songs: 5 Tips For Writing Songs that Create Positive Influence

According to the Nielsen’s Music 360 2014 study, 93% of the U.S. population spends more than 25 hours each week listening to music. The webinar How to Write Influential Songs: 5 Tips to Writing Songs that Create Positive Influence Within Your Audience is a webinar intended to teach songwriters how relatability, balance, sonically pleasing music, topic choice, and artist vulnerability are useful skills in writing influential songs. Eimaral Sol is an artist dedicated to using her talents and the things she is passionate about to spread knowledge, love, and acceptance of others and oneself. With her music Eimaral Sol creates a cognitive experience for her listeners and allows them to feel free of judgement and social constraints. Eimaral Sol is determined to use her platform to aid the progression of society and fulfill the vacancy for authentic soul music. Visit her website to learn more about Eimaral Sol, her music, and her journey.



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